Steve Cange was born to be a creative force. As a dreamer, storyteller, artist and sheer lover of the comic book medium, Steve has developed many talents over time. He has studied creative writing, graphic design and digital media. However, it all comes down to one thing; Creativity. Some have accused him of taking on too much. The creative process is what makes him happy and drives his focus. He has helped to bring about so many creative projects on his journey and has now decided to clear his own path.

"I will continue to live my reality one page at a time"-Steve Cange



In the not too, distant future the world has achieved a lasting peace. Hunger, pollution and the ravages of disease have all been eliminated. Crime itself has reached an all-time low on a global scale. However, in this time of tranquility and abundance, there is an infection. An unknown cancer that kills without apparent reason.

This cancer is a lone man.

This man kills without remorse or conscience. Is he killing for the sheer pleasure of it or is there a purpose? This man does not know his name or his origins. His sole drive is to stay alive to kill again.





For information on the book or anything else just contact me here.


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