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In the not too, distant future the world has achieved a lasting peace. Hunger, pollution and the ravages of disease have all been eliminated. Crime itself has reached an all-time low on a global scale. However, in this time of tranquility and abundance, there is an infection. An unknown cancer that kills without apparent reason.

This cancer is a lone man.

This man kills without remorse or conscience. Is he killing for the sheer pleasure of it or is there a purpose? This man does not know his name or his origins. His sole drive is to stay alive to kill again.

The task of ending this reign of terror falls to Raphael Argus. Genus, inventor, diplomat, and father of the new renaissance. He has named this killer “The Curse”. A curse on this new society. A curse on life itself. A curse that must be eliminated.

The story behind the story

Cure of Utopia is a labor of love that has taking years of collaboration, storytelling, and sheer determination. The story has evolved as I have grown older and gained more experience in the artistic world. Reflecting on all the hard work and sacrifices that were made to bring this vision to reality is astonishing. Everything from late night script editing to drastic shifts in the artwork direction. This vision is over 30 years in the making and growing. Come with me on this journey.

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